The never ending transportation saga: Big Update

The never ending transportation saga: Big Update

I wanted to update all of you on what I found out about our van.  I met up with my Dad tonight and we pulled the codes.  Turns out the issue is that cylinder 3 is misfiring.

From what I’m being told, if the engine is misfiring, the transmission won’t shift correctly.

This is good news because it’s very likely that this can be fixed with a simple tune up.  Simple is actually the wrong word to use because it’s actually extremely complicated. Some of the spark plugs are on the back of the engine block and there’s no way to get to them without tearing a whole lot of stuff off in order to get access.


Interesting fact, that little yellow like means there is a problem with the emissions control. It looks like a service engine soon light but it’s not.

There is also something wrong with the air intake.

If we do the tuneup ourselves, it’s gonna run about $150. However, because of the level of difficulty, we may have to take it somewhere and have it done.  If that’s the case, we’re looking at about $500-$700.

Again,this is what I’m being told by people in the know.
Good news is that the transmission is likely just fine and the car actually driving fine now.  Having said that, we know this is a problem now so it’s just a matter of time before it happens again.

This is one of those good news/bad news kind of things.

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I think the transparency around financial issues is really important.  I’ve often wondered, reading people’s blogs, what are the other unspoken stressors in their lives that they were not willing or brave enough to talk about.  A lot of times stressors are financial and I think it completes the picture for those who’ve never imagined this kind of life.  It takes courage to lay bare your lives for others’ inspection, and I have to say that when someone does, the human response should be to treat those confidences with utmost respect, not hostility.  
No one is every required to donate, so don’t donate if you don’t want to.  Problem solved.
Furthermore, I should add that on a couple of occasions I made offers of financial help that were rebuffed, so I can attest that financial gain is not the primary goal here.


dotdash thank you and please know that the rebuff was with the utmost respect and gratitude.  Thank you again.


For the record.  The whole point of this blog is transparency. I provide as much detail as I can, not gain sympathy or donations, as has been insinuated. I do things this way because I want people to understand what happens in our day to day life.  
It’s important that people understand all the obstacles we face as a family raising 3 boys with special needs.  My goal is that you can apply what you learn from my family, to someone in your life that may be going through something similar.  
There will always be people that hide behind screen names and word vomit unpleasant things.  To them I say this.  I know what I’m doing and I know why I’m doing it.  I think that most people understand the point of what I’m doing and also understand that these posts are not meant to bring in money.  
I know that I’m helping people and honestly, that’s all that matters to me.  I will not edit or censor your comments because I want everyone to see what families like mine are up against.  Hate, ignorance and stupidity.


So the life will keep happening, just like it does to every one of us. we all get cars broken and kids need to eat and rent needs paying and every thing has to go on in order to survive. I did not know why would you post all that $ amounts on blog, however now I understand since the elecric bill and Raman noodle story with $15 for groceries. You say, you always get by, and of course we know know, how. All that is fine, as long as it works.
However as said above, all of this stuff will happen again and again. What is your plan to deal with this. What is your long term plan to get things moving, other posting on blog, and people bailing stuff out. Do you think this will keep working forever, and all problems will work themseleves out. It doesnot not work like that for most people.


Do you realize you always come across as asking for handouts?  You are not the only family dealing with special needs children, old cars, bad neighborhoods etc etc.  But to say you can only eat ramen for a week is untrue when I know a family of your size would qualify for food stamps.


@Annoymous it’s kind of ironic and appropriate that you misspelt anonymous as ANNOYmous, This blog was up for a very long time before Rob set up the donation page, at the request of readers who wanted to help in some way. Rob has never made any indication that he thinks they’re worse off than other special needs families, to the contrary, he blogs all the minute details of their life to reach out to other families in the same position so they know they’re not alone.


julh thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.  🙂

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