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Good morning everyone.  I’m really excited because we are just one day away from participating in the 5k walk for #Autism, benefiting the Autism Society of Greater Akron.

If you want to sponsor Team Lost and Tired please click here. Even $1 helps. 

Anyways, the boys the boys are super excited and so am I.  Lizze on the other hand is not feeling well and is in a tremendous amount of pain. I’m not sure what she’s going to do. 

Today’s plans are basically to survive the the day.  Emmett’s not having a fun day and that makes life challenging for all of us. 

Lizze is laying down for a little while and our goal is to get the kids to a new playground today. 

Gavin is the only one we’ve ever taken to this playground and he doesn’t remember it. It’s a really cool playground and the boys will love it.  I can also park the van right at the playground so if Lizze isn’t feeling well enough to get out of the car, she can just watch from where she’s sitting. 


I’m pretty excited to see their reaction to seeing everything there is to do at the new playground. 

Also, you may have noticed the new commenting system.  I’m testing it out today.  You can comment using regular wordpress or Google+ or Facebook.  It’s your choice.

Please let me know what you think.

UPDATE:reverted back to LiveFyre because comments weren’t syncing properly.

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Lost and Tired

my kids are the same way 🙂

Heather Johnson

Not really. She loves all the playgrounds we go to.

Rob Gorski


Lost and Tired

Do your kids have a favorite playground?

Shalina J Black

My son is in love with the swings and the slides. He starts bouncing at the mere prospect of going out to play on them…so…of course I have to let him. 😀

Lost and Tired

Do your kids like the playground


My kids didn’t have a favorite playground, but I wanted to test the new commenting feature. But, since I am a non-mobile poster, I had no issues.