Being investigated by Child Protective Services: Big Update 06/17/2013

I just got off the phone with the social worker in charge of our investigation.  She received very detailed information from Dr. Patti.  This information was very, very helpful in verifying our story that we do in fact take our kids to the doctors. 

Dr. Patti said that she has no concerns about out Lizze, myself or the boys, relative to this investigation.


The social worker went on to state that once the records are received from the Cleveland Clinic and Akron Children’s Hospital, this case will be closed. 

OMG….. This is such good news. 

I asked how we could protect ourselves from future spite calls and she suggested speaking with an attorney.

We’ve actually been contacted by some advocacy groups that have offered to help but at this point, I think we would be better served by moving on with our lives. If this person decides to provoke us further with a future spite call to CPS, than that will change the game and Lizze and I will respond accordingly.

At this point, we just want to put this all behind us and move forward. 

It will still be awhile before we officially have this case closed but it definitely looks like that’s what’s going to happen.  While I’m not surprised, I’m relieved that the system worked and we didn’t slip through the cracks and have this turn really ugly.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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@Sylvia AMDuser thanks.  It’s stressful because it’s like you’re guilty until proven innocent.


Once CPS finally determined the accusations made about me were unfounded, I still had to decide if I wanted the whole case removed from record, or if I wanted to leave it there to prove the person who reported me had done it multiple times…if that turned out to be the case.  It took me almost 5 years to find out who had reported me…she blabbed her mouth about doing it to someone who wanted my good favor for telling me about it.  You know, keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer.  Anyway, I had to decide that I wanted to keep that report in there.  I knew I wasn’t guilty and I knew the report couldn’t be anything other than glowing by the investigator.  My house was clean and organized, my fridge and my pantry were full, my kids cooperated in their ridiculous interviews, and I released my son’s medical records to CPS.  Nobody could say I was doing anything wrong, in fact, I dared anyone to do it any better;)  So I left that report there.  What will you do?


katykate I didn’t know that was an option. I have a feeling that this won’t be the only time for us.  We’ll probably keep the report there, if given the choice.  The way I see it, we have nothing to hide.  Having things documented by CPS will help to shield us from future attacks.


I can hardly keep track of all the top-notch specialists you and Lizze take the boys to – I knew they’d be quick to prove the whole accusation was unfounded. I’d have some /real/ choice words for whatever idiot pulled the stunt in the first place… I hate the fact that they were able to make you disclose what amounts to private medical records to some government bureaucracy on top of what they already put you through!


k0nane thanks k0.  I have some choice words as well.  🙂


I’m so happy for you.  I can understand wanting to put it all behind you!


Glad to hear, this will be a Titanic load of stress off of liz



Lost and Tired


Kristine Lackner-All

It’s strange, but the worker who came out to my apt, told me they tend to get plenty of calls about parents with kids on the spectrum. People believe they are being mistreated. My case was closed in 6 mos of me being the back burner case (I saw her about 3 times and mostly talked to her on the phone). She was a really great and actually got me an in home worker who has done so many wonderful helpful things for me and the boys. So, they are not all bad, but it’s rough to go through 🙂

Kristine Lackner-All

I’ve been there, done that

Again if you ever need someone to talk to please feel free to private message

Jenny G

So glad you kept your cool and it is working out for you.  yay Gorski family!  I hope this never happens again.


@Jenny G thanks. I appreciate the support.  I hope to never go through this again as well.  🙂

Kim McLeod

I can’t open the link by my ceLl, but so ‘get it’! It’s just one more thing you have to navigate! 🙁

Rob Gorski

Thanks man. I appreciate it. It will be over soon and I’ll be able to put this behind us

Andrew Kramer

Sorry you are going through this. I had to deal BS like that in a custody battle with my ex wife and I know it sucks. I’m praying for you and your family. Stay strong.