Today’s Victory: Dealing with Gas

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As you may or may not know, our gas was shut off last week. While I am behind, this was a crazy call by Dominion.

Basically, we had our gas turned off about 2 weeks ago and we made the payment needed to get the gas turned back on and our account back on track. 

Everything was fine and we were moving forward.

Last week, Dominion shows up and shuts us off again and this time they wanted a large sum of money to get things turned back on.  We simply don’t have it. 

This was a very perplexing situation because as of 2 weeks ago, everything was fine and we were moving forward and now all of a sudden it’s not.  It’s so messed up that the guy that came out to shut us off, kept telling is that this wasn’t right.  He called and tried to get this fixed but was told he had to shut us off.

Apparently what happened was that back in January, I paid our bill out of the wrong account and the check got bounced back. 

That was totally my fault and was a simple oversight on my part. 

That was 7 months ago and I was under the impression that we had fixed everything since then.  I mean as of 2 weeks ago we were brought current on our payment plan and we had gotten our account in good standing. 

Anyway, I spent an hour on the phone this afternoon, talking to a customer service representative who agreed that something wasn’t right and this makes no sense.


While we couldn’t get a supervisor on the phone because they were all busy, one is scheduled to call me back within 24 hours.  He said that in his message to the supervisor, he explained everything that happened and how it doesn’t make any sense. 

The fact that I was able to get this far is a pretty big victory.  I feel like I stood my ground and was treated with respect. 

With any luck, we’ll get this straightened out some time tomorrow. 

In reality, considering that I was literally on hold for 45 minutes before getting to speak to someone, while making the call in a house with 3 boys that never leave me alone, this was definitely a victory. 

Lizze was able to keep everyone occupied and I was able to deal with what I had to deal with. 

This was a team effort and I’m proud of us. 

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