Mr. Emmett John will turn 5 on Wednesday -

Mr. Emmett John will turn 5 on Wednesday

My sweet little Emmett John will turn 5 years old tomorrow.  He’s had a long and challenging journey thus far but is here with us today and for that we are really grateful. 

I haven’t quite worked out the details of tomorrow’s events but they will likely be simple. 

We are of modest means and anything too exciting will just cause him to be overstimulated and miserable.  Right now he wants Little Caesars Deep Dish Pizza and Crazy Bread. 

As far as birthday presents are concerned, he remains undecided and so we’re working on that as well. 

I can’t believe that he’s going to be turning 5. It seems like just last week, he was wrapped up in his wallaby blanket, fighting off severe jaundice.  It seems like just yesterday, that he was believed to be both deaf and nonverbal. 


I remember him having surgery to end his fever cycles.
Unfortunately, he’s entering another painful cycle as we speak.  The mouth sores are appearing this morning and this means the next 10 days will be painful ones for him.

Having said that, he’s come so far in the last few years and I literally couldn’t be any prouder of him. 

We were told that he may never develop language and today, he’s talking in full sentences.

Way to go Mr.  Emmett John.  I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday tomorrow.  Daddy loves you sooooo much. 

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Happy Birthday Emmett! He certainly has made a huge amount of progress..a testament to the awesome job you guys are doing as parents 🙂


julh thanks Julia.  You’ve been a huge help in that area.  🙂 Thank you for everything.


Hearing that Emmett is speaking in full sentences now makes me cry.  We have been working and working with Nate (he is 3 1/2) and just don’t feel like he is making any progress with speech.  I am really scared and every day I get a little more anxious.  Thanks for the inspiration


jjean3940 to be honest, we started with sign language and a few android apps that helped him learn words.  I think he was 3 or a bit older before he started speaking.  
Don’t give up.  We always talked to Emmett, even if he wasn’t talking back.  One day, he said Doggy, while playing with our dog Maggie.  
He would learn new words and lose others. It took time but it finally stuck.  He’s got speak problems still but it’s night and day compared to even a year ago.  
Hang in there… We’re all pulling for Nate.  🙂

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