Lost a little bit of faith in today…but I’m getting it back

We had a really rough morning. Rather Emmett had a really rough morning and subsequently,  the rest of us did as well.

I don’t know what was going in with Emmett but his level of distress this morning was pretty darn high.


The only thing I could really do was just hug him and I did just that. 

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At the end of our morning together,  he suddenly felt better and did go off to school in a good mood.  I got a hug and kiss before he left the car. ☺

I don’t know what the hell is going on but it can’t be easy for him and I know it’s not easy for me. 

With all that said,  it was a blessing that I got the dates screwed up again today because Maggie’s appointment to get her stitches removed ended up not being until Monday.

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We were already running late today and this allowed me to somewhat regroup and get ready for my meeting this morning.. ☺

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