Behind closed doors -

Behind closed doors

We had to tell Gavin this evening that he must tell his invisible friends to stay in his room. This was a really awkward conversation to have with anyone, let alone your 13 year old son.

While getting ready for bed tonight,  Gavin left his bedroom door open. 

Because his door was left open, Elliott and Emmett were able to watch Gavin having a conversation with someone that wasn’t there. 

Lizze asked Gavin what he was doing and he responded with, “I’m telling Sonic about my day.”

At that point, Lizze and I spoke about how to address this.  We decided that for the sake of the greater good, Gavin would have to confine his invisible friends to his bedroom and keep them behind the closed door. 

Gavin was really receptive and Lizze did a great job managing the awkward conversation.

I feel bad making him do this but it’s just way too confusing for the other boys.  Hopefully, this will help to contain this outbreak, so to speak. 

Tomorrow will be a better day.


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I hope doing that helps if hopefully Gavin does remember to were he has a place for that stuff and not in front of his little brothers. Hopefully when Emmett and Elliot get old you can explain to them what is going on and why Gavin”There Big Brother” does that.

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