Child Protective Services and the future of the @Lost_and_Tired family

Child Protective Services and the future of the @Lost_and_Tired family

This has been a long and emotionally traumatic journey. I’ve shared this journey with all of you and tonight I’m pleased to announce that the investigation is officially closed.

The letter is in the mail and we should have in the next day or so. 

They found the accusation against us false and unfounded.  It’s over and we won. 

I wanted to thank everyone for their support and I’ll share more about this later on. 


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congratulations!!! what great news!

Donna Holland

I had CPS called on me when my Son who has Aspergers son was about 10. It was a new Babysitter who turned me in. It was the most horrible experience i have had besides losing my middle Son Jeff almost 4 yrs ago. I was Devastated, being a single mom at the time with No one to help. I was already trying to be a Super-parent. When I went to the first meeting I provided 6 yrs of medical papers, Phych papers, therapy papers, teach input. When I went in my heart was Broken… I said, I love my Son very much.. but if you can give him to someone who will do a better job and love him thats fine! They contacted me 4 days later and said it was closed. The really bad part was I had been very up front with the sitter, who was watching the kids in the summer. ( I was still in school) It hurt me that she was so uninformed and did not speak with me about it before she called. Now my son will be 30 and Works with his Bio father in texas. He pays his own bills and washes his own clothes. They told me when he was 6 that he would most likely never be able to care for himself. Wishing he could find a person that would love him and not take advantage of him. Thanks for letting me share.

Katy Murray

On our part. Geez this keyboard! But I want to say congrats and I hope you guys can sleep a little easier;)

Katy Murray

I know it felt like forever but it took Harris County CPS 4 months to clear me with total and complete cooperation on our pat

Katy Murray

Wow that was fast.

Nikki Colorado

I am not a regular reader so just catching up on this. In a way, I. Think it’s good that people do contact social services when they feel things are not going right in a family. Think of abuse and domestic violence. Obviously, if this is just some idiot making you problems for no reasons it’s horrible but the Child protection services will figure it out too. Then it’s abuse of the system and they do not like wasting their time either. All the best w it! Am also in Australia and agree things are not perfect but seem so much better here than in the us ..?

Shelley Blundell Drury

I am so glad that every thing worked out I can not even begin too imagine what extra pressure it must have put on you we are so lucky here in Australia with our health services I wish it could be the same for your family


Having been through something almost exactly like this 6 years ago, myself, I know you are relieved to have that weight off your shoulders. At the same time, the affirmation that I was doing things right only served to make me angrier about that the report had been made in the first place. People have NO idea how hard our lives can be, or just how impossible our lives are when something like this takes what was already overwhelming stress to a whole new level. Because of confidentiality laws, we have no recourse against the person who made the false accusation and basically terrorized our family with more emotional trauma and the turmoil of possibly being split apart as a family unit. I wish there was something in the law that would create consequences for those who knowingly and maliciously make false reports of child abuse or neglect. It is usually the most vulnerable that are victimized in this way and it is WRONG.


I’m so happy for you!  One less thing to stress and worry over is always a good thing!


This is some of the best news I’ve read all year! So please for you all. maybe now you can start to destress


I’m so happy. I mean, we all expected it to be closed, but it must be such a relief to finally have it official.


Yay, I am so very happy for all of you. Now to get you all back to “normal” or “normal-ish”. A little less stress would be good!


so very happy for you and your family Rob.


Yay! Congratulations. I am so happy that it’s all over and that stress is lifted from your shoulders.

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