OMG…. It’s gonna be a long night :(

OMG…. It’s gonna be a long night :(

Emmett is miserable and is having a really hard time sleeping.  We keep rotating between Tylenol and Advil to keep the fever down and help with the pain.

He’s in a bad place and so Lizze, God love her, is snuggling with him on the couch. 

This was the only thing that calmed him down after the last time he woke up. I know she nit comfortable but I respect so much how she willing to deal with her own pain, in order to provide Emmett with comfort.

I wanted to grab a picture before I tried to move him back to bed.  He transferred to his bed just fine but I going to wait a bit before going back to bed, just in case he gets up again.

Lizze and I didn’t miss this when the fever cycles stopped.

I know that Emmett didn’t miss them either. If this cycle holds true to past cycles, we have about another 7 days until it subsides. 


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AMDuser CrystalBarnett Redlipsadvocating @Megan Harbath @Celene Minas  thank you all very much for your kind words and positive thoughts.  It means a great deal to all of us.


Our daughter and son both diagnosed at 6 o& 8 yrs old…we went to Shriners hospital in Chicago and they do great work…and yes unusually fevers are part of the problem but these things have multiple connections but it is treating the main thing in charge….I send my prayers and tweet or email me I more than glad to pass info…I have lupus sle and MS …so they get it from our genes unfortunately


My heart goes out to you guys. My son has a fever disorder also, and it is horribly painful to see your little one suffer so much. Keeping you guys and your little man in my prayers.

Megan Harbath

Prayers for healing.

Celene Minas

i feel for you . My son has been sick as well . With fever and infections . Yesterday I cried my eyes out cause he’s non verbal and he was crying and we didnt know what hurt him 🙁 Good luck . My son just went to
bed after some benadryl and milk. Hope he gets better


Poor little dude, I fell sry for him how he has to go through these

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