A rather rough day…..

Today has been long and frustrating. I spent the morning on the phone, trying to find out what was going on with the server. 

Since all of my sites are on the same server, they were all down. 

After getting that fixed, I spent the rest of the day with the boys. Emmett had a pretty rough day but he does seem to be doing better today and that’s great.

Late this afternoon, he feel asleep in the cutest position.  He was hiding and ended up going to sleep.  He finally found some peace and we finally found some quiet.

Later on, we rescued an injured baby bird and gave it a safe place to recover, so that the feral cats wouldn’t get to it. 

I love the fact that Elliott and Emmett have a natural compassion for all forms of life.  Gavin was interested but didn’t seem to care that much and went back to watching TV.

Something came up with Elliott that I’m going to post about later tonight……

I can say with absolute certainty that I’m very, very grateful that today is almost over.  The past few days have been very trying on everyone and we all just need a break. 


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that is nice he is getting some sleep 🙂