Find out if I lost my mind today

Today has been one of those really trying days.  There were a lot of things that didn’t go right.  Lizze was really hurting today and was forced to use her cane for the first half of the day.

Gavin was very, very vocal today.  He just wouldn’t stop talking

It took every last drop of patience I had left to simply make it through the day without losing my mind. 

He would just not stop talking. He’s never had a filter, so words and thoughts just sorta came out in whatever uncensored form his brain created them.

Lately he’s been like a leaky faucet.  Over time the leak has gotten worse and now there’s a constant stream of erratic thoughts that just never stop flowing out. 

I’m trying so hard to be patient with him but at the same time teach him that he can’t just talk incessantly without turning people off.


Having said that, we made it through the day without anyone’s mind getting lost.

There were a few close calls but we all survived.

Also,  on a side note, I have gotten way behind on this blog, comments and emails. My goal for tomorrow is to play catchup. 

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agear trust me I say that you are not alone.  This kind of thing will drive anyone a bit loopy, regardless of the amount of patience we are capable of.  Hang in there.  🙂


We have the same problem with our son whose 9yrs old. He just keeps rambling on , usually repeating phrases he hears from his cartoon shows. His dad is not patience so I am usually in the middle of them arguing about it. I wish I could just run away some times.