God love him but he’s gonna be the death of me ;)

Lizze and I wanted to get the boys out of the house for awhile last night.  We took them for an ice cream cone and then to the playground.

Everyone had a ton of fun.

Gavin and Elliott both did really well.  Emmett on the other hand has no fear and is desperately sensory seeking. 

He’s hanging upside down, climbing things that aren’t meant to be climbed and doing other things that are incompatible with his safety and my blood pressure.  He really stressed out my ticker and I swear I almost stroked out. 

However, he was very happy and for the most part, very in control of his body. 

The things he was doing were things I would have done or rather did do as a child.  I just have a different perspective now and I realize what I must have put my parents through. 

Emmett is our little daredevil.  God love him, he’s gonna be the death of me.  😉


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