Boys With #Autism, #ADHD Vulnerable to Game Addiction

Boys With Autism, ADHD Vulnerable to Game Addiction (via NewsLook)

Video News by NewsLook A study in Pediatrics says boys with autism disorder played video games almost twice as much as the average for all boys.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I can actually vouch for this…even though I am an Adult, I still have ADHD, I I get stuck playing video games pretty easily…. I have been known to play a game until I beat it, and be up all night doing it…. my 4 year old son does the same thing with games….but there is a benefit…it helps slow him down, and helps him with his problem solving (i don’t let him play anything violent…hes only 4 he likes angry birds and bad piggies)…


thefuzzycabbage AMDuser very interesting.  My boys are the same way and I never really thought of this until I saw this.  It’s very challenging to find a balance and let them engage in gaming and not get too wrapped up.


That is a very interesting study, and I’ve read others that are similar. This is a concern I’ve always had for my son, even though it’s probably too early to be concerned. See, my husband plays a lot of video games and I’ve always wondered if seeing him play so much would have any influence. Alas, it’s started to happen. My kiddo hijacked the Wii and ended up breaking it because he just couldn’t leave it alone. So we had to get a new one–a Wii U. Well, that’s been a problem because he wants to play with the controller all the time. We’ve had to hide it from him. But he always seems to find it, no matter where we put it. it’s the first thing he runs to when we get home. Also, he’s become immensely fixated on the tablet and all the games and apps it has. If we let him, he could sit with a tablet all day and never get bored with it. He throws hellacious tantrums when the battery dies and it needs to be recharged, and it’s gotten to the point where he refuses to go to bed without it. He will literally hug and cuddle the tablet until he falls asleep, and as soon as that happens and you go to get it from him, he wakes back up and throws another tantrum.
He’s only 2. With all this going on, I fear we have lots of tech addiction in the future.


I am a recovered Video game addict. I didn’t quit cold turkey in a normal sense, I started going to church again and after that I don’t play games the hours I did before.
The hours that they were saying was not in my eyes a video game addiction. I was addicted to video games I would play before from the time I get up”10AM-12PM” till the time I went to bed and that was around 2-3AM in the morning. 
Do I still play games now ya I do but do I play on that schedule anymore no. I may play only at night but try to get to bed before 10 or 11.