Creating Chaos

The morning has barely begun and already there is chaos as a result of Gavin. The boys were playing together and Elliott asked Gavin if he was using this one particular little toy. Gavin replied that he wasn’t using it.

Elliott asked of he could use it.  Gavin replied to him by turning around and giving it to Emmett, who didn’t even want it until Gavin put it into his hands.


Gavin now claims that he never heard Elliott which we know isn’t true because he was talking to Elliott during the entire ordeal.

This is exactly the kind of chaos creating crap that Gavin likes to do and then pretend to know nothing about anything.

While this may seem like typical sibling rivalry, it’s far from it.  The intentions behind what Gavin does are much darker.  I know that it’s hard to understand and perhaps even harder to accept.  Regardless, this is the reality.

I’m not exactly excited with the way this day is beginning. 

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