Confessions of an #Autism parent: The 7 emotions I feel almost daily

Based on my last two posts, it’s probably not much of a surprise to hear that I’m not in the best place right now.

I’ve reached a point of being so overwhelmed by everything, I feel like I’m frozen in place and just don’t know what to do.  I feel crushed under the weight of everything and I know that I’m not going to see any help.

The only help I get is from my parents and there’s only so many ways they can help.

Elliott and Emmett have been much more challenging over the last few weeks and their therapist and I have not been able to really nail down a trigger or cause. There doesn’t even have to be a discernible reason, it could just be one of those things.


We try to identify a stressor or cause because if we do, we can address it and hopefully make life easier for everyone.

I don’t know how to really describe the behavior I’m seeing but it’s sorta like their ADHD meds just stopped working. They’re all over the place and never seem to slow down. They’re a sensory nightmare and I feel like I have front row seats and season tickets to the neverending meltdown.

Maybe it’s the holiday’s or the change in time and weather.  Maybe it’s that we are approaching the end of the school year or maybe it’s something else entirely…

As a single parent, I’m feeling crushed at times because there’s no escape from the stress. I almost never sleep through the night or even wake up feeling like I slept at all.

I get 2 nights off a month. It’s more time off than some parents get and I try never to forget that but the truth is, those 2 nights really have no impact because it’s not even uninterrupted time to myself.  There’s almost always something that I dragged into and it’s not like I can just ignore these things because my kids are involved.

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