I put my pants on one leg at a time -

I put my pants on one leg at a time

I had a few readers mention to me lately that they had started to feel bad because it seems like I got it together and they feel that they are falling apart. 

This is something I wanted to clarify right away because I never want to make anyone feel that way.
First of all, I’m not perfect. If you don’t believe me just ask my wife.. I can drive her crazy at times.  🙂 Seriously though, I make mistakes all the time, in fact, I discovered that I recently made a really big mistake. It was more of an oversight but wow, this was a pretty big one.  Look for this in a future post.


The truth is that I’m pretty comfortable with my life. I’m used to this and I simply don’t know anything else.

It’s not that I’m a better parent or have some type of super power.  I think that I just know my limits and do my best, not to push to far past them.

I have good days and bad days, just like everyone else.

When I get up in the morning, I put my pants on one leg at a time.  There are days that I have a little extra patience to go around and there are others that I barely make it through the day, literally. 

The other thing to remember is that when you compare yourself to someone else, you typically compare the other persons strengths to your weaknesses. This is a lose lose situation and it happens all the time.

Everyone’s situation is different. 

There are people I talk to and think to myself, how in the bloody hell do they do it? My readers are the ones that inspire me and I truly mean that.

My hope is that by sharing my family’s story, that I can help you to realize that you aren’t alone.  I want you to know the things that I think and feel because I believe that it’s okay to feel whatever we feel. We shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed. 

I’m hear to remind you all that we are only human. 

Please don’t ever feel like a failure because you read this blog and think that I handle things so much better.  I promise you that I make mistakes.  I feel overwhelmed, angry and resentful as well. 

You are all amazing and I truly admire you all. 

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concernedmom Jharrigan Totally! I have admired your comments for a long time! I could go on and on…


Meaghan1985 Thank you 🙂


Jharrigan concernedmom Thank you so much for sharing your opinion. I appreciate well thought out, constructive criticism.  Please have a great week.  🙂


Jharrigan we should be friends.


Meaghan1985 Jharrigan
 Meaghan, Nobody CAN help because Rob is absolutely incapable of taking any criticism. All ideas and suggestions are automatically shot down, because Rob knows everything. The only “help” accepted here is financial donations. And they don’t go for trivial things like gas and electricity, they are for ipads, cell phones and internet service. (The most important things to Rob) 
Some readers like me probably keep coming back because we are hoping and praying that these poor kids will someday get the help they really need, instead of living their lives in an unsafe house in an unsafe neighborhood with a drugged-out mother who only gets out of bed when it’s time to watch tv at night, and a delusional father who thinks he is the king of everything autism, special needs, and my favorite…..RAD……. (Which of course, was in no way caused by the child’s mother) 
I have, in the past, offered very specific examples of inaccuracies, and Rob has replied in a most defensive manner. I am full of suggestions, (like get areal, full time JOB) but Rob does not want suggestions. He wants cash. And to toot his own horn.


Jharrigan I agree with lukesmama. If you don’t like this blog, stop wasting your time reading it and find something you DO like.
Commenters like yourself kind of remind me of my own website. I own and operate the largest privately run missing persons database on the internet. Sometimes people complain that stuff on my site is “inaccurate.” They never give specific examples, even when I ask for them, which means that if there are inaccuracies I can’t fix the problem. They just like to complain about me. I wonder why they do it, then. If you’re not willing to help, if you have no suggestions but just want to criticize, you’re wasting your time as well as Rob’s.


If you hate his writing so much STOP READING IT. Yes I did all caps to annoy you. I hope you are because people like you annoy the crap out of me. If you are not walking in his shoes (or even close) you have no idea. A lot of people who do not have Robs challenges do horrible things to their kids and families. Sometimes when it all seems to much in my family I read this blog to remind myself how to stay strong in the face of adversity.


My favorite rob line is when he (OFTEN) writes things like “Contrary to popular belief – I’m not perfect”… It’s like, dude – seriously? Who thinks your perfect? Find me ONE SINGLE PERSON – let alone the majority. You make bad decision after bad decision. If I were to describe you, suffice to say, PERFECT would not be an adjective I would use. Learn how to write. Stop filling space by using ridiculous platitudes. OH and one more thing – LEARN WHAT THE ACTUAL MEANING OF “OPEN LETTER” means. You keep posting “Open Letters” and it just shows how truly unskilled you are as a writer. It’s so annoying.


I hope you see the irony in your answer… the guy that says there’s more to life than paying bills doesn’t work and had his gas and (almost) electric turned off, and has a family subsidized house rental.
You’re right… there is more to life than paying the bills. I’d love nothing more than to quit my job and be a stay at home dad. There’s more to life than working too, right?
But, paying the bills and providing for my family is a HUGE part of being a responsible adult and good role model.


ILlogic I can think of a few things. His marriage is still intact and doing well from what he says. His family is still intact. He still has hope that things will get better and, in the meantime, he hasn’t broken down under the strain.
I don’t recall Rob ever calling himself a terrible parent or anything like that. A less than perfect parent, yes. A parent who makes mistakes, a parent who wishes his family were better off, yes. But not a terrible parent.


ILlogic lukesmama concernedmom there’s more to life than paying the bills.  Some of you missed the point.  lukesmama  Thank you for not missing the point.  I appreciate you.  🙂


Not to sound rude, but you cry on this board at least once a day about how terrible a patent you are, how you can’t take care of your family, how you live in a dangerous neighborhood, how you are on welfare, how you lost your gas service (and are about to lose electric) because you haven’t paid the bills, etc.
Who are these people who think you’ve “got it together”?


Glad the admiration is mutual 🙂


YOU have it together?

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