Bad news: Let the battle begin -

Bad news: Let the battle begin

I just got a phone call from Condorde Kids, the place the boys go for OT, PT and Speech. Bad news. Gavin will no longer be receiving treatment because insurance says that he’s too old and his scores aren’t bad enough.

Gavin’s on disability and has been for most of his life.  Up until a few months ago, that meant that he was on straight Medicaid.

Recently, everyone on Medicaid was forced to switch to an HMO provider.

Our options were very limited and we had to go with whoever would cover the most.  At the time, everything was fine and Buckeye was handling everything, they were a pain in the ass, but it worked. 

Not only has that changed and they won’t cover his therapy anymore, they also wondering t cover his full prescription of Clozapine either.  We have to try and get a doctors override before he runs out in a few days. 

Nothing ever comes easy and for a kid that falls going up the steps and can’t put the lid back on a bottle of water by himself, these therapies are extremely important.

Let the battle begin……..


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Christine Lyn Hostetler-Johnson

UGH! Been there and still go through it; will be keeping you in our thoughts and hope all works out for you all. Hang in there; I know the battles are not easy.


Maybe tell the insurance people that he can’t put the cap on a bottle of water, can’t unlock your front door and can’t walk up the stairs without fear of falling? Those sound like pretty bad things to me, “scores” nonwithstanding…


So sorry to hear. Insurance worries are no fun and it is downright frustrating not to be able to obtain services needed for the kids because of INSURANCE! I will be sending some prayers up for you and your family.


Lost_and_Tired good luck to Gavin. Stay strong Rob.

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