Walked out of the doctors office today after waiting 2 hours -

Walked out of the doctors office today after waiting 2 hours

We never did get to see Dr. Reynolds today.  However, I did manage to get all the scripts and refills while we sat there waiting for 2 hours. 

It was absolutely ridiculous and I finally pulled the plug and we walked out. 

Dr. Reynolds came out and apologized for everything.  I’m pretty upset but I harbor no ill will toward the good doctor or any of his staff.  In fact, I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Reynolds.

Anyway, we got what we came for and that’s what really matters. 

We’ll need to get some face time but all the meds are in order and that’s what’s most important right now. I do need to say that Gavin, while completely engrossed in his tablet, did awesome for that two hours.  Great job Gavin and thanks Mom for the last minute pickup.


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Lost and Tired

Becky Pruitt I know, isn’t he. Gavin was one of his very first patients when he moved into town. We are unbelievably lucky to have him.

Angela Seitz


Peggie N Mike Moreno-LoRe

I’ve done that before!

Becky Pruitt

Dr. Reynolds IS amazing … wish we could clone him.


You’re pretty critical for a guy that doesn’t even pay co pays
Maybe he was seeing the paying patients that help subsidize the ones on assistance who he gets compensated pennies on the dollar for.


Dadblunders Lost_and_Tired Did you complain? That is outrageous!

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