We have no kids tonight

We have no kids tonight. That’s right, we are childless and really enjoying the peace and quiet. We are just hanging out and watching Netflix.

I can’t wait to actually go to sleep, sleep through the night and a large portion of the morning. 


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sweetiesmama oh, soooo happy to hear you and Chelsea have connected! Moms helping moms….love that! Big hugs!


HeidiMurkoff fyi Chelsea & I have connected. ..& I’ve added her to some FB Support Pages.♡♥


HeidiMurkoff im going to reply as soon as I get home ..but, feel free to share my info


HeidiMurkoff ok I know the feeling


sweetiesmama Her post is up now — I know she’s worried so much about him riding the bus, getting through the day, preparing him.


HeidiMurkoff I can. Sometimes all we need is a parent to listen who’s been there ..aside from all the drs etc. Love ya! anytime


sweetiesmama THANKS CHARISSE!!! Big hugs!!!


HeidiMurkoff sorry I just saw this. Sure she can fb friend me so we can pm. Or email Charissemora@gmail.com. I’d be glad to help any way


Dadblunders Lost_and_Tired: when we don’t have kids, we go to Target and other stores because my wife hates taking the kids shopping.


sweetiesmama she posted for advice on helping her lil special needs man start school-and just feeling less anxiety about it herself!


sweetiesmama Charisse, I have a mama friend on facebook who could really benefit from your help..just some reassurance! Her name is Chelsea