Autonomic Crisis: Change of Plans (08/29/2013)

Autonomic Crisis: Change of Plans (08/29/2013)

As we were preparing to be discharged, another doctor came into the room and wanted to talk with us about what was going on. 

Because they never see anyone like Gavin, they are relying on how we feel about the situation. 

To be completely honest, I’m uncomfortable with Gavin being discharged because this doesn’t feel right.  Somethings wrong and I don’t even want to put him in the car.

I’m concerned about the sweating, rash and his heart rate is bouncing around. 

If you looked at Gavin as a normal kid, he would be considered stable. However, Gavin’s not the average person and these symptoms have only ever been present during a major crisis. If we leave, I have no idea what’s going to happen. 

This presents us with a logistical problem again. Lizze and I will have to divide and conquer. We have to figure out what to do with the boys, while Gavin’s in the hospital.

I will probably be at home tonight but I’m not sure about the boys.  I have to be able to leave right away if need be. If past crises are any indication of how this is going to go, this could get very ugly.


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Liz Bourque Diemer

Oh man I get it. Figuring it all out and worrying about your son is exhausting. Stay stong.

Nancy Ragusa

Trust your instincts. You and Lizzy know Gavin best. Nice to hear that the dr.s respect that. All positive prayers and healing thoughts for not only Gavin, but you, Lizzy and the 2 Es.

Candace Moyer

so sorry your family is going through this. praying for you.


praying for you Gavin Lizzie and the boys.


I am sending all of my prayers for Gavin. Hang in there Rob.

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