Autonomic Crisis: Update 2pm (08/29/2013)

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We are definitely dealing with an Autonomic Crisis.  Gavin just got out of CT, after having a scan to determine if they need contrast for him pending MRI.


There are a couple of new things going on that are absolutely indicative of an Autonomic Crisis. 

For starters, he’s sweating and that is physiologically impossible unless he’s in a crisis.  Then of course, we have the transient rash.. This rash is weird to do say the very least. 

Basically, this rash moves all over his body. 

It started out on the left side of his face and within a few minutes, the rash moved from his face the his chest. 


A few minutes later the rash moved to his stomach and then disappeared.


This process literally only takes a few minutes.  It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen and this only happens during a crisis.

At this point, Gavin’s nervous because he needs an IV, before he goes for the MRI. Right now, the doctors are trying to rule out a stroke as the cause of the vision impairment and droopy eye.

When the CT scan comes back, we’ll no how to proceed with the MRI.

Please keep him in your prayers.

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Tara Safarian


Candace Moyer

Praying for him and all of you.


thinking of all of you!!!!


Poor kid he goes through so much. Sending all my love and prayers.


Lost_and_Tired Sending love and strength.


Thinking of you guys!!! My love to you all XOXO