Looking to John's s Hopkins -

Looking to John’s s Hopkins

I forgot that today was a holiday and so my original plan of tying to begin the process of planning for our needed trip to John’s Hopkins may have to wait another day.

There will be some calls that I can probably make but some of the other things will have to wait another day..

I’m really hoping to make progress on this front in a timely manner.

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We now live in the mid-west but, grew up in Maryland.  We lived there until last year.  I am pretty familiar with the area.  I was wondering if you would be able to stay in the Ronald McDonald house while you were there?  I have friends who love it but, I am not sure what qualifies someone to stay there.   Hopkins and the Kennedy Krieger Institute are amazing places!  If don’t know how quick your trip will be but, if you have the chance and are able, go down to the harbor and take the kids to the science center or the aquarium.  I know that finances will be an issue with that but, sometimes the Ronald McDonald house or KKI have discounted or free tickets for things like that.

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