This was really weird and here’s why

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It’s going to be a really just day. Lizze and I will be heading to the Cleveland Clinic this morning for an appointment with her gastro. We were supposed to also see her rheumatologist, but in what is among the weirdest things I’ve seen in regards to the Cleveland Clinic, we received a letter last night, canceling the appointment, and rescheduling it for later in the summer. 

This is weird because they choose to send a letter via overnight UPS, rather than a simple phone call. There are a million ways that could’ve gone wrong, and considering we are coming from out of town, I wouldn’t have been happy to find out it was rescheduled, after making the drive. 

Anyway, the boys will be going to my parents for the first part of the day. Lizze’s Mom will be picking the boys up around 5 PM, and keeping them overnight. 

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I’ve been up since 5:30 AM because Emmett climbed into bed with us, and I couldn’t get comfortable after that. If I had moved him back to bed, he would likely have woken up and not gone back to bed. 

That being said, I’m feeling pretty good this morning, and I’m ready to take on these challenges today.