He wouldn't let me walk him in -

He wouldn’t let me walk him in

Emmett is fiercely independent and always has been.  Don’t get me wrong, that not necessarily a bad thing, at least all the time.  However, this is only his second day of school and he wouldn’t let me walk him in.

That was kinda tough. 

I don’t want him to struggle but at the same time, it was just so easy for him to move on, it kinda hurts.  Perhaps that a bit narcissistic but I bet at least someone out there understands what I mean. 

Regardless, while Daddy’s adjusting to all this, I’m sad but at the same time, extremely proud and relieved. 


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Gosh, I wish I had that problem. Of course at 4, mine had no problem walking into school. But, now he is in third grade and is basically trying to climb me in the school hallway every morning. He seems to be getting less independent, if that is possible, as he gets older. It is bittersweet as they get more independent..the reduction in stress is nice though.

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