Medication Crisis Update 09/06/2013

Medication Crisis Update 09/06/2013

I wanted to take a minute and update you all as to where we stand on the medication crisis we’ve been trying to resolve for the past 2 weeks. 

Just to recap.  Gavin was forced change insurance carriers as the state of Ohio is making all those on disability to switch off of Medicaid.

Since the switch, Buckeye has been refusing to pay for Gavin’s Clozapine because he’s taking a dose that is higher than  recommended. That said, the higher dose is absolutely essential.


Anyway, he had run out of Clozapine and insurance was still refusing to cover this $400 or $500 prescription.

Dr.  Reynolds, Gavin’s psychiatrist, has been working really hard to get this overturned. Today we received word that after going toe to toe with the doctors for Buckeye, he was able to get the denial overturned. This is huge.

Gavin is approaved for next 12 months, at the dose he needs to be on. 

We are so relieved to have this finally worked out and we are grateful to everyone that was involved in this battle, on both sides because we all got together and fixed the problem..

So there you go.  🙂

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Praise God, thank you for the update.

Lost and Tired


Rosie Bishop Dreyling

Great news! A win for everyone!


Thank goodness.


I am so glad it finally came through!

Gretchen Kirby


Clydeine Adamchick



so relieved for you!


Congratulations on a HUGE Victory over the insurance Co.!!!!! Im so happy for you guys!

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