My heart breaks for Elliott

Elliott is going through a very hard time.  It was extremely challenging to get him to go to school today. Since being home, he’s had a few meltdowns over things that shouldn’t really be that big of a deal. He’s extremely anxious and overwhelmed.

I spoke with his school counselor today and shared my concerns.  She mentioned that she has been noticing Elliott looking distraught and exhausted.

Tonight he had a really hard time falling asleep.  He slept for a few minutes before making his way downstairs. 

Lizze and I decided to let him sleep on the couch tonight. I will sleep on the other couch and hopefully Elliott will awake rested. I’m really concerned that the stress of everything in our lives is having a profoundly negative impact on him. 

This just breaks my heart because Elliott is changing and he’s not the happy, carefree little boy.

I have to find a way to reduce his stress and help him through this difficult time. 


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Is homeschooling an option or In home instruction from the school?  It took us a three  attempts at sending Bethany to different schools to finally  realize that school was the big stressor that was making things 99% worse as far as behavior and health.

Meri Beller Kelly

My heart breaks on a daily basis for my son Daniel. I know how you feel. Remember life before the diagnosis??? It’s like a whole different world……

Dane Hansen

Would spending some time alone with him help?
Sorry man, not sure what works best with yours. Just know it helps mine to know he can have me to himself if he ever needs.