Proceeds of this auction go to help with our utilities

I wanted to share an auction I’ve listed on eBay to help with getting out hest turned back on before it gets cold out.

This auction is for a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


I bought this with a Best Buy gift card, with the intention to stick if right up on eBay and sell it for cash.  I figured this was easier than trying to sell the gift card itself.

Anyway, this is Samsung’s latest and greatest tablet.  It sports an HD screen that measures 8 in diagonally. This is a wifi only device and requires no carrier contract.

This is an s-pen device and would be amazing for anyone needing a tablet.

Check it out here: Auction

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Did you get enough to get the gas back on?

Martha Willis

I shared this for you Rob. I wish I was able to help more than that.


Your click on this thingy either gives me an agricultural report or some very bizarre videos.