The Monday Morning Report: 09/09/13

I’m pleased to share that the boys have gotten off to school without a problem.  The school lunch is our only hiccup at this time. 

Elliott and Emmett will not eat what is being served today and we are currently out of sandwich bags. 

We assured the boys that we will get bags and drop their lunches off to them later this morning. This is an otherwise good start to the day.

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Rob Gorski

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Lost and Tired

Kari Glaser was this the same new school we were talking about.

Kari Glaser Margo

I just dropped 2 of our kids off at their new school today. Broke my heart to leave them while one was crying so badly.

Lisa Marie

I’m so jealous. I wish my biggest problem this morning was a lack of lunch bags lol (said very jokingly, not snarky, I swear). My kiddo refused to get out of bed, carried on and on about how school is so boring/long/annoying and can he please stay home and he feels sick and on and on and on, refused to eat breakfast, patronized me with a whole 15 second teeth-brushing job… fun fun fun!