I've made it this far..... -

I’ve made it this far…..

Elliott has OT this afternoon, for the first time since school let out.  He’s excited but Emmett is upset because he still isn’t able to return. That’s something I want to address today, as well. 

This will require me to likely battle with insurance once again and persuade them that Emmett is worth the investment. 

Gavin’s in the very same boat as Emmett. His insurance just dropped coverage of Speech, OT and PT. That needs to be resolved as we. 

For now, Elliott will have his weekly outlet back and that’s a start.


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Dwayne Murphy

All that I can say is that the healthcare system in this country is terrible. We should stop getting involved in The Middle East’s problems (the fact of the matter is that they have been fighting over there since the dawn of civilization, and they are not going to stop any time soon, if ever) and put our money and resources into helping people with physical and mental handicaps.

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