My kids are going to a birthday party

Lizze and I have a decent break ahead of us today. All three of the kids are going to their grandparents for the night. Tomorrow, they are going to a birthday party for one of Elliott’s classmates. Even Gavin is invited and that’s pretty awesome. 😊

This party is Nerf themed and they’re going to have a Nerf war, as well as go swimming.

The boys have spent a good deal of time planning which Nerf guns to bring to their upcoming battle. This is what they decided on.

I’m pretty excited that they get to have this experience and I’m also excited to have some time off.

Depending on how Lizze is feeling, maybe we’ll go do some normal couple things like dinner and a movie. If she’s not feeling up to it and as of now, she’s not, we’ll hang at home. Either way, it’s a break.


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  1. That is so cool!

    I love the way everyone in the family has been invited.

    And, yes, it is a break that you and Lizze can take however you choose.

    • BJW on July 13, 2019 at 12:52 am

    I remember when my sons played with nerf guns. Now, as young adults, it’s role-playing games and online games.

    1. Even as kids it’s role-playing and online games…

      1. Roleplaying is lots of fun and you can extend, expand and adapt.

        And a lot of people who have used Nerf guns go on to paintball or they love holidays like The Elephant Water Holiday in Thailand.

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