Once upon a time there was a single Dad…….

Once upon a time, there was this guy who was happily married for a very long time, until one day he wasn’t.

He spent the following year raising his kids alone and trying to help them adjust to the change, all while trying to put his heart and life back together.

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One day, while his kids were visiting their Mother, he sat in front of the TV, eating alone. 

For some reason, he found himself evaluating his life and something strange happened. He started to realize that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if he thought about beginning to put his life back together and possibly consider opening up to someone new.

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This single Dad had been so wrapped up in his kids that he had forgotten that it’s okay if he’s happy too.

He realized that it will take awhile and that there is no hurry but simple act of reaching this point, filled him with a sense of hope.

There are a few things he’s still got to work through but at least he’s beginning to see that he has value, even if someone else lost sight of that. ☺