Thank you Gavin

Thank you Gavin

We overslept this morning and so it was a bit chaotic getting everyone ready for school. Emmett and Elliott were very uncooperative and that didn’t help matters.

On the other hand, there’s Gavin.

Gavin was very cooperative today and that made everything that much easier.  For that reason, I want to say a very big Thank you to Gavin for his making this morning survivable.  🙂


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krb82 Ya know…… I don’t honestly know. Gavin tends to cycle through periods where he is more and less challenging. I also think that his cognitive regression is settling him down a bit because his thought process has slowed significantly…. I suppose this is a positive side effect of a terrible situation. Make sense?
The other thing we have noticed over the years is that because Gavin has so much going on, sometimes his various conditions sorta switch priority. For example, sometimes we struggle more with the bipolar and less with the RAD or Autism. Other times the RAD far outweighs everything else. 
Thanks for asking the question. It was a good one. 🙂


Sounds like Gavin is doing a great job modelling proper behavior for his brothers for school! I know he used to be a huge issue with modelling *improper* behavior, so I’m so glad he’s improved. I was wondering if, as his regression and autonomic stuff becomes increasingly more apparent, if perhaps his RAD is becoming less of a problem?

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