Why don’t my kids come with a mute button?

I know this sounds ridiculous but I sometimes wish my kids had come with a mute button. I’m beyond grateful that my kids are verbal but sometimes, the incessant talking can slowly but surely, drive you crazy.

All day today, Gavin has been talking nonstop. 

He’s now integrated My Little Pony into his “imaginary world”  and has been going on and on about their battles. 


I’m already running low on patience because the boys got me up so early and it’s safe to say that he’s driving me nuts.

Gavin is spending his time today, sharing every single thought that pops into his head.  Right now those thoughts center around My Little Pony and the game Bad Piggies on his tablet. 

I love hearing the things my boys like to share but holy crap, I can only process so much before I need a break.

Because Gavin’s memory is shot, he doesn’t remember the countless times he’s told me the same story, over and over again. He also doesn’t remember the many times today that I have requested a break from his onslaught of words. 

I think it’s a relatively practical request for kids to come with a mute button. I mean, it’s not like we got an instruction manual. 

As parents, sometimes we need all the tools we can get. At this very moment, I wish volume control was one of those tools. 🙂

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Lost and Tired

upliftingfam at least volume settings.  🙂


I think all parents wish their kids had a mute button at some point or another, so you aren’t alone.  🙂


RippDemUp Lost_and_Tired That’s exactly what your parents said. lol