#Autism Parenting: Let this be a lesson in what not to do

#Autism Parenting: Let this be a lesson in what not to do

I wanted to take a minute and talk about a mistake I made in regards to my kids with Autism, specifically Emmett. I’ve been working on this unboxing project and have had an unbelievable response from really big companies. A huge box arrived today from the awesome people behind Hexbugs..

Here’s where I made my mistake. I was so excited to hear that they wanted to take part in this project by sponsoring a video, that I couldn’t wait to tell Emmett.

Emmett is a Hexbug fanatic and has been since he first discovered them years ago. I knew they would be arriving today, but I didn’t know what was going to be in the box. I wasn’t thinking when I told Emmett about this because I told him about four days before the box was scheduled for delivery. Can you say anxiety and anticipation because Emmett struggled with that all week.

Were I to do this over again, I wouldn’t have said a thing until it had arrived. It would have been a surprise and we could do the unboxing together.

Instead, it was an afternoon full of meltdowns because the anticipation was just too much for my little dude. We did manage to get it filmed and Emmett did an awesome job helping. I’m not sure when this one will publish but probably in the coming weeks. My goal is to release a video every Wednesday.

Incidentally, I used this very same lesson as my Autism Awareness message at the beginning of the video. ☺

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