Another Morning…..Another Meltdown

Another Morning…..Another Meltdown

Another morning…..another meltdown over wearing a coat. This thing with Emmett wearing or not wearing a coat based on not wanting to have to hang the coat up at school, needs to stop. 

I don’t have any idea how to help him work past this. 

The school is bending over backwards to try and accommodate him but it’s not always helping.  I think that Emmett’s reluctance to wear a coat because of having to subsequently hang it up, is an indication of how stressed out he is at the time.

Lizze and I were finally able to convince him to wear a sweatshirt because he wouldn’t have to take it off at school.

This is getting really old, really fast. 

We are going into the winter months and we need him to wear his winter coat, regardless of whether or not it must be hung up when he gets to school.


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Raynette Jones

can he just bring his coat to school and not wear it to school. i know it is cold but the coldness wont make him sick (I believe anyway).

Rosie Calabro

Is it the material of the coat? My daughter can get sensitive about certain materials. Is there any reason as to why the school can’t let him keep his jacket o

Deb Moncrieff

What are the diagnosis of your boys and is your wife also ill?

Lost and Tired

Shoot. What’s your question?

Deb Moncrieff

Can I ask you a question? It may seem rude or intrusive but id like to know something.

Deb Moncrieff

Im not judging.. ive learnt to pick my battles.


Put up an identical hook at home, and incorporate it into his routine when he gets back from school. Help him if he needs it; perhaps practicing at home will lessen his anxiety. I’m certain that there are things that he doesn’t want to do, but have been placed in his routine for health, safety, etc.

Lost and Tired

Ruedii Pooshnc megskitchen Full Spectrum Mama thanks everyone.  The reason the hang the coats up and don’t stuff them in their bags, is a matter of logistics.  There isn’t enough room.  We will just have to practice at home.  The ironic thing is that he can use a hanger.

Full Spectrum Mama

Pooshnc LOL – totally. EWWWWWWWW.


I think I would be hyper focused on teaching him to hang up his coat.  Its a skill thats going to be useful in many situations and may give him confidence if he can master it.  Don’t push him to use it at school till he has it completely mastered at home, but just ask him to try, maybe while you are doing laundry he hangs up something else or at least trys to.  Once a day (and hey, for me at least that would push me to get a load of laundry a day done).


Why cant he just stuff it in his bookbag? That’s where my son tended to put his rather than trying to hang it up. I preferred that he stuff it rather than hang it with other kids coats because of my own avid fear of lice!! Yes, that’s right, lice. If my kids coat was hung up near a child who has lice coat guess what comes home with him? I say stuff it in the book bag!!!

Full Spectrum Mama

This coat stuff is the kind of little thing that can just send you over the edge when there are bigger things going on!!! And when our kids don’t “know” how cold they are it can get more serious…Hang in there #LostandTired you are SO not alone…

Jennifer Elizabeth Brunton

This coat stuff is the kind of little thing that can just send you over the edge when there are bigger things going on!!! And when our kids don't "know" how cold they are it can get more serious…Hang in there #LostandTired you are SO not alone…


Periodic morning meltdowns are to be expected.  I had them to one degree or another at least once a month even when things were going well.
However, if they increase in frequency and/or severity they are a sign of something abnormal causing stress at school.   The school may not know what the cause of the stress is, especially if it is something they don’t realize he needs, other students, or one particular faculty member. 
Often stress about big things a child with Autism can’t express, will come out in little things. 
I remember getting upset over what I had for lunch, what clothes I had available, and yesterday’s homework.  However, often what I was upset about was an upcoming school project that I had no clue how to deal with, inflexible teacher intentionally undermining my IEP, or a handful of students that were picking on me.

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