Screaming and than gunshots

Lizze and I are laying in bed tonight and as we are drifting off to sleep, we are suddenly awoke.  The dogs were growling because they know we something wasn’t right. 

Next thing I know, we hear what sounds like screaming, followed by at least half a dozen gunshots. 
My instinct is to call the police but what’s the point?

I have no idea where this was at because the sound  echos off of all the houses.  I wouldn’t even know where to send the police. 

All we can do is turn up the ambient noise so we can block the world out.  🙁


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Tonya Mb

Long story.


I think (at the minimum) something like this should be called into 911.  At least make the cops aware of the area that the shooting took place, and give them the chance to canvass the area.

You were a medic.  Did you ever have any victims of random gunshots, who were just sitting in their house or taking a walk when a bullet  ruined their day?  At least the cops can look for victims that can’t call for help on their own.
Aside from it being the right thing to do, your call could have saved someone’s life.

Lost and Tired

Pooshnc well said.  You’re absolutely right. This kind of crap is everywhere and unfortunately, we can afford to fight everyone’s battles.  This happened to be one of the only times that I haven’t called.


As sad as it sounds that kind of thing happens everywhere. I moved out to the country 15 years ago onto 7 acres located in a small subdivision in a rural area. We don’t have street lights because we don’t even have pavement. Every road in the subdivision is dirt. There are roughly 100 homes back here give or take because arson takes out at least one empty one every 2 years here. 7 years ago a meth house was busted. Social services came in and took the 5 head of kids and took the one she was pregnant with straight from the hospital into foster care. 4 years ago a young woman was found murdered in the field on the corner the day after Christmas. She had 2 little girls that are now being raised by their aunt. 2 years ago a little 8 year old boy was raped by the 18 year old boy 2 properties down from me.3 years ago I was coming home and saw a teenage girl staggering down the road near my house. She was coming from the crack house at the end of my dirt road.She crossed over onto our property and was by my husbands garage. As I was pulling my truck over towards her to see what the hell she was doing there she flung open the rear door on the passenger side and jumped in. Her eyes were going every which a way so I knew she was messed up. I called my husband from my cell phone to get his ass out there. We called 911, told them the situation. They called back 5 minutes later and asked if she was being violent because they KNEW her and warned us that she was very violent. She began to OD before the cops or the ambulance arrived for her. She wasn’t conscious when they took her out of my truck and I have no idea if she even lived . I have had not 1 but 2 pick up trucks stolen right out of my driveway by the same person each time. One was totaled, the other he just drove to Walmart to steal Robitussin. For those that don’t know Robitussin has hallucinogenic properties when taken in huge amounts. Gunshots are common around here and I don’t bother to call anymore either unless it is bothering my quiet time in the pool on Sunday afternoon. Quite honestly I could care less if they all shot each other up around here. So I don’t blame Rob for not bothering to call. But as you can see, it doesn’t matter whether you live in the city limits or if you are like me sitting on 7 acres in the middle of a cess pool of dumbasses, bad stuff still happens!


My husband used to live in a neighborhood like that. Parents were even sending their kids over to other kids houses to “play” but in reality it was to see who had stuff that was worth stealing. But he called the cops each and every time he heard gun fire. His theory was if he calls and they choose not to investigate that is on their conscious, not his. And while they may not find the shooter, and drive through may turn up someone that was injured.

Lost and Tired

MBee unfortunately, this is an all too often of an occurrence. When you live where  I live, you realize that there isn’t anything you can do.  Half of the time when we do call the police, they never show up.  It’s easy to sit there and feel the way you do but the reality is that sometimes, you have to pick and choose your battles.


You heard gunshots and screaming and DIDN’T call the police because you weren’t sure of the address?  
I know you have lots on your mind and lots going on and there is a sense of avoiding unwanted attention but apathy is seems to be one of your neighborhood problems and you contributed to that.
Even if you didn’t think it was helpful, it may have been.  If nothing else, an officer could have driven around with the window down and listening for other info.  Or, if enough folks call – they’d get an idea of where to look. 
Ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away – regardless of whose problem they are.  You preach a sense of community, but you are a member of more than one and could be an example in ALL of them.