Dammit, this is so frustrating

Dammit, this is so frustrating

Lizze and I were talking this morning about Gavin’s issues at school and something occurred to us.  Considering Gavin’s situation this past Friday and how his interpretation of what happened during Math class differed so greatly from what his teacher said, it calls into question his perception or even honesty in other situations at school.

When he accused this teachers of blowing him off when he went to them for chest pain, was that even true?

His teachers story was quite different and at the time, we believed his story but now I realize that we could have made a mistake.

Dammit, this is so frustrating. 

If feels like every single time we reach a point and we seem to get a footing, something happens and the rug is yanked out from underneath me.

I don’t have a clue about what to do.


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Leslie Jones

why would he tell you he got into trouble in class if didnt happen come on now i would be believe your son if he telling you he is having a problem instead of second guessing him it sound like the teacher doesnt want to deal with the issues if you want to find out the truth make a meeting with the teacher and princplie and get to the bottom of the issues stop trying to solve it on your own with just gavin you are not super parents If you want answer then go them and bring him with you

Raynette Jones

Like I said before it may not cause autism but the government does not do an about face that they did years ago to take the thimirsol out of the vaccines like they did just because they wanted to. i also said that after my kids bone marrow transplant they had a schedule to revacinate. he was never well enough and 8 years later when i bring it up to the new oncologist what he thought, he looked and now the recommendation is up to the doctor!! He is an adult oncologist as much as I love him he doesnt do vaccinations normally. my kid is barely an adult. so he has left it up to me. Glad I went to school for it LOL. still not getting them. after bmt you have a new immune system like a baby. It is so confusing, i never know if I am doing the right thing but i am going with my gut. if your kid is vacinated they wont get whatever it is. since my kid is not vacinated, i will be responsible when he gets sick. wtf and i am still without a job (still looking very hard) so i couldnt afford the vaccines and we are not poor enough to get assistance and he still has a weakened immune system so he is not getting them anyway and we cant afford the ivig without ins no job no ins, we will have to see what happens with obamacare jan1 I just need to stop bitching about this

Lost and Tired

rjones22 KeelyCorinneMiller thanks. I appreciate the advice.  I’ll be sure to share with you l what I figure out.  🙂


I feel for ya. try not to look backwards. what if you didnt believe him and something was up. i know i keep saying this – camera or recording. Keelycorrinnemiller below said something about an aide which would probably be difficult to get and would be another person to monitor. i am telling you a lot of things change for the better when you say “camera” or “recording”. my kid was right and he is nt so he could tell me. if i wasnt the kind of mother that believed my child or his perseption of what happended he would not be as good mentally as he is now (by mentally, i mean him being in good spirits because his life really does suck for being sick). to this day he thanks me for believing him and his brother who is nt but not sick thanks me as well and tells me what a good mother i was as it could have went down so different.


Sounds to me like he needs an aide or nurse in the classroom. That way he/she can see what is going on and report back to you. It is really hard to tell if it is your sons misinterpretation or if the teacher is really just being difficult. Tough place to be in, as it could be one or the other or a bit of both.

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