If you thought this was common sense, think again

It always amazes me how much misinformation is floating around about Autism. In my opinion, Autism is by far one of the most misunderstood disorders.

I’m absolutely floored by some of the things that people think/assume about kids with Autism.

The one thing that really, really astounds me is that people seem to think that kids with Autism somehow purge themselves of being Autistic, when they reach the age of 18. It seems like people can’t grasp the concept of Adult Autistics or Adults with Autism (however you prefer to say it). 

While this post won’t likely change that, perhaps some people will catch on and a little bit of Autism Awareness can take root. 


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Yajamalu Charity

If they dont get better, yes they will

Lost and Tired

Sorry about the typos. That was really bad.

Becky Rogers Wiren

Donna Winant…well, I haven't given up yet. But I prefer to know what we have to face. Thanks for your kindness.

Donna Winant

Becky, maybe the world won't notice Jacob's gifts but I am certain his talents will shine anyway. Those who choose to be blind or cannot appreciate a different approach to life will lose out on his specialness. He is, after all, one-of-a-kind and his life has a purpose, recognized or ignored. Please know that although I have not met your fine young man, I celebrate him with you.

Raynette Jones

i worry about my nephew that is now 21 and autistic. this is his last year of school and he will age out. i dont know what his mom is going to do. she is doing everything she can (going to school to be a nurse) so she can provide better for her four kids right now. she cant do that if he is not somewhere (and not just anywhere). we are suposed to talk about it next weekend to come up with something and I have no idea what we are going to do. she is my ex sister n law but my best friend and if something happens to her i will be his guardian. we are a great team together because i learn about all the autism stuff available and she puts it in action. I has been this way for about 11 years. I think she has PTSD about not just the autism but life and I am so glad that I can be of some assistance. I only see my nephew twice a year and i am one of the only people he will let hug him and that he will talk to (sounds selfish but i am not being that, i am just glad i am in his circle). Rob to answer your question. people are not going to get it. the only person that i personally know with autism is my nephew. I have a bunch of friends/aquaintences and don't know anyone. my oldest great son is 26 and he doesnt know anyone either. he is a great,educated and cares about other people but he doesnt have a clue about the ageing out and he has a cousin that is autistic. (he I am sure is assuming me and his aunt are taking care of him) I have not heard anything personally about autism awareness or not or whatever except on this blog.

Becky Rogers Wiren

My son was considered to be a genius nerd, plus the school system failed to even try to have him diagnosed. The only person in his entire school life who thought Jacob had some issues was his music teacher. And after he was diagnosed after a lost year in college, we were in the dark. I foolishly thought Jacob would magically stop being autistic. Well, not stop, but the little things he seemed to have no control over he would just magically learn to fix. NOT. Plus, the economy is pretty mean to a person, no matter how brilliant, who is socially awkward and can't even pretend to multitask. I blame society, not Jacob…he has so much to offer but in this world, I don't know if he will get to offer it.