Look at all the hugs that were given away today -

Look at all the hugs that were given away today

I wanted to share this because it shows that despite everything Lizze is going through, she still has such a profoundly positive impact on the boys. 

We had a rough morning but Lizze was there to pass out hugs to all in need of them. 

She hugged Elliott during his nose bleed incident and Emmett during his meltdown over his unwillingness to wear his coat.  Even Bella was on the receiving end of Lizze’s generosity.  🙂
There are a great many ways to provide comfort and support to your children.

I enjoy showing how our family dynamic works, even though it’s not typical or even pretty, we still find our way. 


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Raynette Jones

lizzie, i see that fierce love you have for your children (including pet as they are our children as well) that i have for mine. it is so beautiful as you are

Elizabeth Gorski

Hells yeah Yvette Kennedy! 🙂

Yvette Kennedy

Yay!! We will get down there ASAP I promise!!

Elizabeth Gorski

Yvette Kennedy I *always* have hugs for you and the Girls!

Lost and Tired

Thanks 🙂

Julie Kinsolving

Amazing family.

Yvette Kennedy

Do I get a hug?

Elizabeth Gorski

Yvette Kennedy Come visit me, butthead! 😛

Yvette Kennedy

Elizabeth Gorski – where is my hug 🙁


I love getting and giving hugs when I am in pain and don’t feel good.  It is amazing how a small hug can change your life even for a moment.  Thank you for sharing.

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