#Autism: In love with lines

How many of your kids with Autism love lines? Emmett is one of those kids that love to make lines.  This is his latest line and it’s a big one. 

Please share your line pictures in the comments below.  LiveFyre allows you to upload and embed pictures in the comments.

Let’s share those pictures of your kids making lines.


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Yvette Kennedy

Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to do it through LiveFyre lol

Yvette Kennedy

Not really a straight line, but this is how Sayge eats M&Ms AND she eats them red, yellow, orange, green, blue and brown in that order EVERY TIME AND if you touch it or mess it up in anyway she will NOT eat them any longer and will run away, hide somewhere and cry. True story

Yvette Kennedy

Not only is this in a line (and I couldn’t get the whole thing b/c it was too long for my camera) but she took and sorted all 500 beads into each group…..

Kris Rollins

When he was younger, he was more about lining stuff up like this-

Bek Mortelliti Caruso

My kid used straight blocks to recreate digital clocks and the functions on the VCR.

Melissa Pinteric


Julie Dunbar Kellenberger

My niece loves circles!