Practicing total lockdown at school -

Practicing total lockdown at school

This week, the boys will be practicing total lockdown at school. As a result of the recent rash of school shootings, the school is going to be practicing safety drills.

Soon they will be putting the school on total lockdown, to simulate a threat within the school, like a shooter or other potential threat to the safety and wellbeing of the students and staff. 

Emmett came home yesterday talking about lockdown. He explained that “they were going to practice staying safe, just in case a bad person came into the school and wanted to hurt people.”

While I hate that this has to be done, I’m glad it’s happening. 

I spoke with the new principal today and he explained the process and I have say that it’s a brilliant idea.

The way that Summit Academy Schools is responding to the possible threat of violence, is to prepare and practice.  I would much rather them be prepared and never have to use it. Unfortunately, the world we live is can be violent and unforgiving.  Taking the attitude that this could never happen to us is not a wise move, at least in my opinion. 

Our schools, teachers and most importantly, our students, must be ready and knows what to do.  I’m sure that many parents of children that attended a school that has experienced tragedy, thought it would never happen to them.
I’ll let you know how it all goes…. Fingers crossed. 


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i am so thankful that my kids are out of school even though i know things can happen anywhere. i am glad they are having practice. i am glad that they have tornado and fire drills in order that they may be used to (unfortunately) these drills and will make this just another drill to them and not neccisarily scare them. i wanted to home school my kids (i was very overprotective) just because of the bad things they would learn from other people. my oldest didnt want to because he was in sports etc. when my youngest became sick with leukemia at 11 (now 21) the 1st question he asked the dr was “is this cancer” the dr said yes. the 2nd question was “is this the kind you don’t have to go to school for” lol. the dr was greatly surprised by that question. it did end up we homeschooled him (he was so smart he homeschooled himself) and ended up with a full academic scholarship (that he is still to sick to use) but the drs are so good they write letters every year to the people to please hold the scholarship for him AND THEY DO. that is how much the drs believe in him. he wants to be a mircro biologist. when these drs do this it gives him hope that they really think he will get better or that something will come down the pike to help him. i worried about my oldest at college about crime, lockdowns and stuff like that. now he is so successful with his job that he travels around the world (only 26 now) for work. i get to worry about that he goes to (what i think/know) are dangerous areas. great news is that i have not emotionally scarred him with my worrying that he gets to enjoy these trips and knows that i am really proud.

Amy Linder

I gave my sons teacher the 3rd degree last year. It was only natural after a school shooting to be scared. He is a very large built man, and assured me everything would be ok. He went through all their procedures, and promised me he would protect his class with his life, adds though they were his own. While it made me feel safer, as a mom, i could still see flaws. I kept my son home that day, not necessarily from paranoia, but because someone is more likely to try and out do the latest crime, and we do not necessarily live in a very good community.

Jen Buttermore

There is no way my daughter can be prepared for that threat so she will not be going to school.

Angela McDonough

they have the school set up that the door people come in is no where near classrooms and you cant get to the classrooms with out going thru the office

Devin Smith

Last month my kid’s school had someone jump the fence with a weapon as he was fleeing the cops from the college across the street (where I attend!) He hid/dropped his weapon and the principal took him down! I officially love our pricipal! My boy’s class was on their way to the playground, where this happened, as it happened. This was the day before their lockdown drill too. All are ok, it was scary!!

April Landers

No they found the ammo before anything happened but now we have two schools full of kids that were in lockdown literally hiding for their lives and an 11 year old in jail on attempted murder charges.

Angela McDonough

You cant get into our schools unless you are buzzed in and there is a cop at the high school most of the day

Lost and Tired

OMG. Was anyone hurt?

April Landers

Yesterday here local we had an 11 year old come to school with a gun, 400 rounds and a knife…sadly yesterday was not a drill here.

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