The medication mixup

One of the more challenging parts of being a special needs parent is managing medications, if of course, your child is on any.

With Gavin being our more complex and complicated child, it’s would are sense that we have the hardest time with his medications.  The reason is because not only is Gavin’s health fragile, but he’s also on some hardcore medications. 

Often times we find ourselves trying to maintain a very, very fine balance when it comes to keeping track of his medications, monitoring their effectiveness and watching for potential side effects (in Gavin’s case, some are life threatening).

The only time we have ever really run into problems is when they need refills. 

That’s something we ran into this week, once again.

Gavin’s salt tablets, that help mitigate and prevent his autonomic crises have run out. Walgreens has been calling the Cleveland Clinic for more refills and never got a response. 
Most times it’s easier for the pharmacy to fax out a request because it’s usually addressed faster that way. 

In this case however, I went to pick them up last night and they still hadn’t received the refill. They faxed Cleveland again last night and still nothing, so I called myself.  Turns out that the Cleveland Clinic never received the faxes.  While on a three way call with Walgreens and The Cleveland Clinic, we managed to get this all fixed and I should be able to pick them up sometime today. 


In total, Gavin went about four days without his salt tablets. 
He didn’t go into a crisis (autonomically speaking) but it could have been a much different story.  I think we are very lucky that nothing happened.

This is not even close to being the first time this has happened and I won’t pretend it will be the last either. It’s just something that we have to stay on top of.

Thankfully, everything worked out this time.  I’m grateful that everyone worked together to resolve this issue, rather than assigning blame to each other.  Personally, I don’t care what happened (aside from preventing this from happening again), I just want it fixed.  They did just that.  🙂

It just goes to show that even if you try and cover all the bases, things can still happen that are outside of your control.

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Is it not possible to get salt tablets OTC? I know they give them to people who are on desert safaris in like Saudi Arabia and stuff, to keep them from getting dehydrated and crashing, and I’m assuming they don’t need a prescription for that.