This is not a good day -

This is not a good day

Lizze isn’t having a good day today. She was up all night again and the temperature outside has been dropping into the 30’s and that’s causing her a great deal more pain than usual.

The boys are gone for the day and Lizze is sleeping on the cough. 

I can’t wake her up.  She’s okay and this isn’t anything new.  When she finally does sleep, her body completely shuts down and it’s very difficult to Wake her up.  This is one of the reasons I have to be present majority of the time. 

Lizze is dealing so many health issues and a sleep disorder is but one of them. 


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my son uses nuvigil for his sleep problem. it is expensive but there are coupons and i am trying to get the manufacuter to help with the cost now. i know it sounds awful, but i just go in and look to make sure my son is still breathing (when he is having a long sleep) and let him sleep. if lizzie is having a long sleep you know she is going to wake up and not die (which is probably what you are afraid of) and go to sleep yourself. if the boys are not there and lizzie is asleep at least lay down and watch tv. if you feel you have to do something put a load of uniforms and underwear on to wash and be done with it. i know lizzie has appts coming up. when the boys are in school and she is at her appt, get you an appt for which ever ailment you need to go check at first for YOURSELF. i really care about your family and since i dont have money to send (yet) all i can do is send prayers and try to run your life lol


I feel for her.  The poor thing.  🙁

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