Gavin+Autism+Puberty= NO MORE SANITY FOR ME -

Gavin+Autism+Puberty= NO MORE SANITY FOR ME

Gavin and puberty are not mixing well together. He has become very volatile and confused. This is probably because his meds are not working correctly any more. We are and have been maxed out for a while now but they were working. Now were are trying some different dosages of the same meds attempting to avoid the only med we have left to try, lithium.

He was caught today encouraging Emmett John to climb under his shirt. We had looked away for a second (literally) and we caught Gavin with his shirt up and Emmett John up to his waist inside. We immediately removed Emmett John and pulled Gavin aside and questioned him. He denied the whole thing like we were idiots. He could not answer why he did it. As you may recall we have had to institute a “zero tolerance” with things like this. ( He has been displaying sexually aggressive behavior for years now but he has grown more aggressive recently. We have puberty to thank for that.)

Gavin proceed to meltdown because he got caught. I don’t know what his motives were for having Emmett John do that but we have to protect the other kids from these behaviors. He then preceded to call us liars. That was it we gave him a chance to come clean and/or explain but he choose another path. So as part of the “zero tolerance” policy recommended by his doctors for this type of behavior he had oatmeal for dinner. That went over like a ton of bricks but it was a natural consequence for this behavior.

He’s upstairs screaming. I’m hanging out with Elliott Richard and Lizze is putting Emmett John to bed cause he wanted to go to bed.

Mother Nature really didn’t think it trough when she decided that Gavin should experience puberty.


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Puberty is gonna be a real challenge. You and Liz have your hands full right now. We were faced with the possibility of lithium and luckily was able to find another option, but those are getting pretty hard to find these days.

Lost and Tired

Puberty is already not fun and it hasn't fully kicked in yet. I don't know what we are going to do….

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