We were involved in a drive by shooting tonight

I’m still kinda freaking out right now but here’s what happened.  I was in the living room trying to make some progress on the Autism Help Forums, when I heard some noise outside the house. 

As I walked up to the front door and began to open it, I noticed two kids (maybe late teens, early twenties), riding bikes.

This was kinda strange because it was about 9:15pm and quite dark outside. The dogs were barking and I was going to step outside and see what was going on.

As I opened the door, the one kid reached out his arm and fired a shot.  I’m not positive that the shot was meant for me but to be honest, I was the only one out there at the time and the gun was pointed in my direction.

I wasn’t hit and as far as I can tell, my house wasn’t either. 

After the shot was fired, they casually rode off down the street as though nothing had happened.  As I watched them ride away and turn around the corner, I saw one rider pass the gun to the other and fire off two more shots at house around the corner. 

I was already on the phone with 911 and I heard two additional shots.  That made 5 in total so far. 

My neighbor was outside and I went over to make sure they were okay and let them know what had happened.  The police arrived in force within 3 or 4 minutes and spread out in search of the shooters.


As I was talking to one officer that pulled up to ask questions, there were 2 more shots and he had to speed off in their direction. 

In the morning, I’ll look to see if the house was hit. 

This is really scary, for obvious reasons but also because of how carefree they seemed to be as they rode their bikes and fired shots as they go.

I don’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight because this has got my adrenaline flowing and I’m still shaking. The cops are still driving around but I doubt they will find them. 

What’s wrong with people anymore?

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Alison Moorcroft

So glad your all ok.

Gwen Curriden

scary, glad no one was hurt

Sarah Bolier

Glad you guys are ok!!

Wendy Fonseca

Glad you’re ok

Bek Mortelliti Caruso

Grateful you were not physically hurt. Sucks that this happened. It takes awhile to quiet the emotional damage. We are here for you. Big hugs ….

Andrea Williams


Jessi Lynn Small

(On the fence)

Joanne Corbett

So glad you were not hit.

Maggie Doritty-Baker

I’m glad that you and the family are okay.

Kimberly Ann Miller

I’m glad you all are safe. I always fear stuff like that because of where we live. What a world we live in

Pamela Smith Gaskin

People are stupid crazy now days. Praying for peace and a hedge of protection around your family.

Shelley Blundell

I am so glad that you are ok I can not begin to fathom what it would be like to have this happen I hope they catch them

Shalina J Black

Well I’m glad that you and the family are okay.

Rebecca Bishop Curriden

Glad your ok! Can’t imagine how scary that must have been!

Christal Orvis Pewterbaugh

Wow, glad everyone is ok. It’s a crazy world we live in. When the adrenaline drops down, you’re gonna be exhausted. Praying for continued protection.

Devin Smith

Scary! Glad you’re ok!!

Sebree Olow Baltimore

Glad you are ok..stay safe. What town are you in?

Lost and Tired

Thank you. Unfortunately, I don’t hold out much hope that they will be found. As far as I know, no one got hurt. That’s a good thing.

Heather Fondriest

Oh my!!! I am glad to hear you are ok, at least physically! I hope those thugs are caught so you can rest easier. Please keep us posted!


Oh my goodness, I hope that they catch them.

Lost and Tired

shawneerenee31 rosie d rjones22 thanks everyone.  It’s scary but I’m really grateful that no one was hurt, at least as far as I know.  🙂


oh my God. I can’t believe that (i really can). i am so glas you were not hurt or any of your family. how dangerous. i know you live in a dangerous neighborhood, but i suposedly live in a good neighbor hood. i live in apartments and these are the apartments right down the street you can see on their website that a two bedroom is $800 and doesnt include anything but rent. real nice apartments with amenities. crime for august: the worst to me was that a policeman or two was in danger on every call. and wtf with the “wanted people”and this list does not include the 24 request for the police to come drive by. please dont take this as “my violence is worse than your violence” i am just agreeing with you that it is crazy out there and if i didnt look this up on our policd website, i wouldnt have know.
8/14/2013 Car Stop 8/16/2013  Car Stop 8/19/2013 Car Stop 8/23/2013 Suspicious Person 8/23/2013 Public Assist 8/4/2013 Medical Emergenc 8/10/2013 Domestic Violence 8/2/2013 Disturbing the Peace 8/10/2013 Civil Dispute 8/14/2013 Domestic Violence 8/16/2013 Suspicious Situation 8/13/2013 Stolen Vehicle 8/25/2013 Mental Person 8/24/2013 Civil Dispute 8/13/2013 Wanted Person 8/6/2013 Wanted Person 8/9/2013 Wanted Person 8/28/2013 Private Property Accident 8/18/2013 Public Assist 8/14/2013 Person 8/24/2013 Parking Violation 8/9/2013 Creation of Patrol Request 8/14/2013 Patrol Request 8/26/2013 Domestic Violence 8/31/2013 Suspicious Situation 8/22/2013 Hang up call 8/17/2013 Suspicious Situation 8/16/2013 Suspicious Situation 8/31/2013  Robbery 8/22/2013 Leaving Scene of Accident 8/5/2013 Breaking and Entering Vehicle 8/6/2013 Domestic Violence 8/7/2013 Public Assist 8/7/2013 Miscellaneous Complaint 8/7/2013 Domestic Violence 8/9/2013 Medical Emergency 8/25/2013 violation Al Controlled Substances Act8/28/2013 Car Stop 8/27/2013 Medical Emergency 8/8/2013 Theft 8/16/2013 911 Hang up call 8/9/2013 Suspicious Person 8/22/2013 Theft 8/22/2013 Animal Control8/16/2013 Domestic Violence 8/5/2013 Civil Dispute 8/6/2013 Civil Dispute 8/30/2013 Suspicious Person 8/1/2013 Suspicious Person 8/18/2013 Unsecured Premise 8/17/2013 Public Assist 8/23/2013 Public Assist8/28/2013 Disturbing the Peace 8/28/2013 Public Assist 8/4/2013 Disturbing the Peace 8/12/2013 Suspicious Situation 8/16/2013 Assist Outside Agency 8/9/2013 Public Assist 8/24/2013  Medical Emergency

rosie d

Unbelievable!  It is scarey their casual disregard for life!  I’m sure the pundits would have much to say about why that is happening, but when it is happening to you, those reasons don’t really matter.  Glad you are all ok.   I’m sure you will think twice before venturing out after dark again!


OH MY GOSH! I am so glad to hear that everyone is unharmed! How very scary! Prayers are with you!