What to do…….What to do?

Not sure what to do. Elliott was up all night because he wasn’t feeling well. He was coughing, had a sore throat and a runny nose. He was miserable all night long.

Right now , it’s in the thirties outside and it’s not going to get much warmer today.

We’re considering doing something a bit different and basically going to a few houses that have prepared goodie bags for them. The boys aren’t really digging that idea and as they keep pointing out, they missed last year because of the weather. 

What to do………


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Evonne Beavers

Cold ??? Try living in Alaska during that time. It’s called Hot Chocolate and lots cuddle time

Raynette Jones

i bribed my kids with money not to go. i also bribed them that way not to have to sell school stuff (we were in public school with always something to sell)

Clementine Kruczynski

Ski mask…let them be bank robbers…cute if their bags have $ drawn on…plus easy to stay warm and keep the cold air away from their lungs 🙂

Rebecca Bishop Curriden

unless it’s raining, we bundle up and go out. if it’s raining we buy candy for the kids and hide it around the house and let them find it. That way they get to have some halloween fun

Kris Rollins

We have many indoor events here. Trick or treating the mall, the coliseum(indoor stadium where university basketball games and concerts and such are held), and Harvest carnivals at churches. But we also put on coats and brave an hour of trick or treating outdoors, too. 😉

Dee Brake

calls for rain all week here with a chance of flurries. dunno how we will manage, but we will try. even two streets are plenty when it is wet out.

Lost and Tired

Yeah, it’s supposed to be in the high forties….

Dee Brake

bundle up. costume over a heavy coat or snow suit. and cut the treating to two streets, be fast and get home. cant deny them the whole experience, but allow them to have a few of OUR treats instead.


When I was eight or nine, I went trick-or-treating with a friend in town. It was chilly and raining constantly and it seemed like no one was home to give us treats. After a few hours we were cold and wet and miserable and had maybe five treats in our little bags. Finally my friend’s mom who was with us gave up, drove us to the grocery store and bought candy for us, and then took us home.

Amy A

Are there any malls local to you?   Here, they often offer a store front trick or treating for kids.  That’s what we’re going to tonight…   Instead of houses, they go store to store and get candy.   All of the fun of trick or treating, without having to spend time in the cold.   Just an idea,   Halloween is usually freezing here in Massachusetts.