Emmett had an accident this evening but is okay

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Today after we returned home from watching Planes at the dollar movies, Matt was playing upstairs and had an accident.  Apparently, he tripped over Gavin’s foot and fell into the TV stand.

This is a T shaped wound and so I would guess that he struck the corner of the stand.

While this sucks, he was really, really lucky because he came very close to hitting his eye. Thankfully, he’s okay because this could have been a disaster.

I’m going to just be grateful and count my blessings.


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Shalina J Black

My little guy has done this a couple of times too. Poor little man. Get well soon, guy! 🙂

Lost and Tired

rjones22 keeping in mind Gavin’s behaviors as of late, I’m inclined to believe this was an accident.  I always have to be leery that there may have been intent behind it but Gavin’s been doing really well, so I’m not too worried.


guess he thought he was going to dress for holloween anyway lol. all kidding aside, how fortunate you are!!!!!!!!. I hate when that happens. every year when i “tried” to take my kid for formal pics together one or both had a sore on thieir face from falling or whatever they do. each and everyone could had ended badly but thank God it did’t. Try not to worry about what didnt happen (i know it is hard/impossible) and I do thank God it ended well. I read he tripped over Gavins feet and i am sure it was an accident, but if it wasnt keep in my nt kids (all i have) would have tripped his brother to be funny even though it might hurt so please stay away from thinking Gavin did this as a manipulation if you can because if it was not an accident it i would chalk it up to brother stuff. (now i hope i  didnt get you started thinking bad stuff and mean NO disrespect)