Baking with my #Autistic son is an adventure

Baking with my #Autistic son is an adventure

I have introduced the boys to my bread machine and they are smitten.  It’s been a little while since I’ve used it and I’m pretty psyched that the kids are excited. 

Today was Emmett’s turn to bake bread and to say he was excited would be an understatement. 

He went ahead and created his own recipe, complete with measurements and everything. 

I had to sorta blend his recipe with mine, in order to make something edible.  I’m certainly not one to smother my kids creativity but in this case, I needed to tone it down just a bit.

Anyway, we decided on oatmeal bread, to keep it a bit on the healthier side and this is the recipe we decided on. 

Emmett and I had to use our math skills to measure everything out.  This was a little challenging because between Emmett’s enthusiasm and our incomplete measuring cup and measuring spoon collection, making sure we were using the correct amounts of ingredients was interesting. 

Right now, the bread is rising and it will be done in about 3 hours. 

Emmett is happy as a clam and while this was fun, it was messy fun that required Daddy and the dogs to clean up when we were done. 

Gavin has no real interest in making bread, so Emmett’s going to be wanting his turn again on Sunday.  Hopefully they’ll like the bread and we can use it as a pseudo healthy snack in their lunches this coming week at school. 

Elliott and I baked bread yesterday and he really enjoyed the process.  He’s chompin at the bit to bake a not her loaf.  Heres a picture of his bread from last night/this morning.


One of my hopes in doing this is to expand upon the food that they tolerate by including them in the process and getting them excited about trying new foods. 

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