I’m honored to have been published again

While cleaning today, I stumbled across this and thought it was cool.  I don’t think I ever shared this.  I get published in various publications across the globe. Sometimes I’m aware of it and other times it gets pointed out to me by one of my readers. 

On occasion, the publisher seeks permission and then sends me a copy of the publication. It’s really interesting to see different types of newspapers, magazines, websites or newsletters.


This particular one was published by the Griggs County Courier (established 1883). This is based out of Cooperstown, North Dakota and published on April 27, 2012……

The article they published was My Broken Heart. This was my recounting of a life changing event I experienced.  This story touched a great many people and was later published on CNN Health.

I’m so honored that my work has spread around as much as it has and I certainly don’t mind (as long as proper credit is given and it’s not used for monetary gain).

You can read the original article by clicking here.


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