After a rough morning, the boys are at school

I got the boys off to school this morning.  It wasn’t easy because Elliott was not very cooperative, by any stretch of the term.  In fact, he was quite obstinate.  I have no idea what’s going one with him but this is really getting old. 

Gavin and Emmett were both very cooperative and that is what are the morning possible.  Thanks guys.  🙂


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Lost and Tired

rjones22 Life Interrupted the pleasures of being a special needs parent.  😉


2 out of 3 aint bad. but it is not happening to me. good luck on the next day

Life Interrupted

At least he went. The relief is tangible the moment you know they are in school supervised and accounted for.  Our boy attends a special school with only 25 kids from the entire district. Four of those 25 are his ‘classmates’. He has his 1:1 SPED teacher for 60 minutes and 2 20 minute mini classes (Math & English) with 4 other kids. That’s his entire school day and he won’t get up.  If I push the matter I risk physical violence and verbal abuse. The rest of the day will be a thrill ride waiting for the inevitable series of tantrums over lost privileges for refusing to go to school.  Naturally this is my fault and servings of burning coals laced with invectives will be heaped upon my head followed by the crash of things thrown. If not that then there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth accompanied by other destructive behavior. Fun times.